Voter Resources

Access voter resources from #WeVoteWeCount partners and supporters. Together we can make your voice heard, and your vote count. 

The legacy of white supremacy that criminalizes, kills, and steals people of color from the futures they deserve has another less visible, but important disempowering effect: The deprivation of our right to vote.

-Advancement Project 

Why Vote?

  • Civil rights are under attack. Efforts are underway to roll back hard-fought advances in equality of opportunity. We cannot afford to let our voices be silenced.

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What Can You Do?

Fight for Policy Improvements

  • We are organizing supporters all across the country to fight for policies that respect and improve our communities. Five Minutes, Five Hours, Five Days, Five Months … Can all be used to change our Nation for the better! 

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Defund the Public Charge Rule

  • Tell policymakers to defund the public charge rule and protect families.

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Register to Vote

  • Register to vote, find your polling location, and prepare for the next election in your community.

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Learn about the Impact of Racial Profiling

  • Learn about the impact of racial profiling on communities of color; whether this damaging and unjust practice takes place in our children's schools or in the name of the "war on terror.

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Learn about Native Vote and Access Resources

  • Native Vote encourages American Indians and Alaska Natives to exercise their right to vote and works to protect voting rights across the country. At you can join the national campaign and get involved in the effort in your community.

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Organize to Expand Ballot Box Access

  • We are organizing to expand access to the ballot box for people of color, persons who live in poverty and persons with disabilities. We are presently organizing to topple restrictions to voting for persons with prior felony convictions. 

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Reduce Money in Politics

  • The freedom to vote must be protected. Money in politics must be reduced. The democratic process must reflect our diverse electorate.

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Contact a Voter Hotline in an Asian Language

  • Advancing Justice | AAJC and APIA Vote run a hotline where voters can get answers to their questions about voting and receive assistance in nine Asian languages.

Get In Touch with Asian Americans Advancing Justice