We have to reopen the polls, so our people can vote

Black and white Polling Station sign

In Jeff Davis County, in Georgia, in a little community called Hazelhurst, I believe, they had temporarily closed a poll. And they were going to permanently close this poll in this 98% African-American community. So we all started calling, and I know the Secretary of State and I called him up, I said, "Are you aware that they are thinking about closing this, have they contacted you? Aren't they supposed to contact you?" So I said, "Who is the Chairperson of that Board of Elections, give me her name!"

Then we called the Legal Defense Fund, I think you all got involved, we all started calling. And we made sure that our people were at those meetings. So finally they decided to reopen and leave one of the polls permanently open. So I told our attorney at the Legal Defense Fund, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, "You must find somewhere in those bylaws or whatever where we can go back and reopen some of these polls, that were closed deliberately, so our people could not vote." So we got to take that under consideration, too. Go back to some of those polls that were closed, and see how we can reopen them so our people can vote.

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