Voting Caucuses in Colorado

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In March, 2016, I had one candidate that I was determined to vote for in the democratic primary: Bernie Sanders. I had seen his rally of 2,000 participants only several months earlier in October, 2015. I watched his fan base grow exponentially leading up to the Colorado primary. He was a popular candidate in Colorado at that point, and I was determined to support his grassroots campaign to the White House. He was a candidate that I could trust to vote on the basis of human rights and citizen protection. However, Colorado has caucus primaries and this was my first experience participating in a caucus -- or not participating in one. On the night of March 1st, I was still at work when my roommate told me that the high school of our caucus voting had a 2-hour line wait. I drove immediately to the high school and realized that the majority of people in that line, and myself, wouldn't be casting our votes for the democratic primary. I was crushed and realized that my dream of changing from an independent to the democratic party to support of Bernie Sanders was no longer going to count. My basic human right was cast away by an outdated voting method. I could no longer cast my vote.

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