Tricks Like Election Day "Whack-A-Mole" Used to Suppress Vote

storefront with polling station sign it the door

You've heard the testimony of the precinct closures. What we call the postcard trick. We see quite a few of what we call whack-a-mole, which on election day they will change the precincts. Sending people to wrong precincts to vote. It is a constant drive to meet those barriers that are put before us. And as one who has done voter registration for years in the state, it actually, the apathy started to hit me after this.

After the last election, it was heartbreaking to see what happened in November and a lot of it comes down to those voting machines, which is a big part of this. We are now just finding out that these machines are systemically moving votes from black precincts. Not just any precinct, black precincts. So if black votes don't matter, obviously they do because someone's going through quite a bit of work to make sure that they don't. What it does is that it wears one down. As Ms. Abrams, the other Stacey, spoke about earlier you do get apathetic and it does work to psychologically depress the right to vote. But I think that for us in Georgia, for me in particular, and for my neighbors, it does not matter what barriers are put before us. It does not matter what obstacles we face. We will continue to rise up. We get tired, we get weary but when you think about the blood that has been on the ground for us to have this vote and I say this quite a bit. Black people we have only had one win in this country. That was the Civil Rights Act. And for me, it is a part of my DNA. I can no longer turn away from that fight anywhere than I could turn away from my children. I will be here, old, tired, a little beaten up, but I will be here in that fight in any manifestation I can be.

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