Polling Station Inside Sheriff's Office

Vote Buttons On Table

In Wisconsin, at locations where there are large Native American communities, ‘they will have a police officer kind of sit in a parking lot of places, whether that’s the grocery store near a polling location, and kind of just run the names of everybody that’s going by. So you have people that are trying to turn out to vote that they see a police car there and immediately they are like . . . [d]id I pay that fine.· I'm not going to vote because I don't want to risk going to jail.’  In the Wisconsin town of Keshena, the polling location is inside of a Sherriff’s office which is a ‘big barrier for many people.

Source: The Comprehensive Field Hearing Report On Historical and Contemporary Barriers to Political Participation by Native American Voters. Boulder, CO: Native American Rights Fund, February 2020

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