Information Needs to Be Provided in an Understandable Way

Vote Here Sign Spanish and English

Particularly we were part of the process to doing the translation for the voter guide last year. We work closely with the League of Women Voters and we translated it into Spanish. However, that took resources from our organization and it's information that we need to provide to our communities. Like she mentioned, the wording in those amendments are legal wording, and so a lot of when you do a Google translate the word will not translate accordingly or it will not make sense. When you read something in Spanish, usually it's the opposite of what you say in English, and so it's very difficult. It's very different. And even for me, I'm bilingual, it's difficult to translate something in English into Spanish, just knowing that I have to try and go around it. And so that information needs to be provided to our communities in Spanish in a way that they are able to understand it, not only in Spanish, but in Creole and other languages that are necessary for our communities.

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