Georgia Arrests Meant to Intimidate and Silence Voters

Georgia Voters

The intimidation doesn't stop on Election Day. On November 13th, a week after the election, in the rotunda of the Georgia Capitol Building, 15 peaceful protestors were arrested simply for making the very basic demand that the state should count every vote. Oddly enough, one of those arrested was a state senator, Senator Nikema Williams. In spite of Georgia Law, which forbids the arrest of legislators while the assembly is in session. Now some may hear this story and think to themselves that, that was after the election. What does that have to do with voter suppression? And my answer is very simple, it has everything to do with voter suppression. Because those arrests, just like the secretary of state investigations, and just like the seven patrol cars for the rides to the polls, those arrests were meant to intimidate and silence. It was meant to send a message to those arrested, as well as to those watching, that if you participate in these activities, if you organize and educate voters, if you demand that your vote be counted, you too can be arrested.

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