Fully Restore and Expand Voting Rights Act

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First, I think we should fully restore and expand the Voting Rights Act. Looking at the dynamics today, 40% of the population in the South is now people of color, and we should fully expand it. I think that we have to be very careful when I hear people wanting to make this about politics than keeping it where it is about race. Ultimately, voter suppression is racist voter suppression. That has always been and that's what we continue to see the court said here in North Carolina, it was with surgical precision regarding race. I think we also, and I'd like to submit some additional things, but also issues like automatic voter registration at 18, if you can be registered for war at 18, automatically you should be registered to vote automatically at 18 to expand the vote. We should be looking at ways we can expand in more institutionalized early voting. All of those things that allow more participation. I'm haunted by that question the federal judge asked, "Why is it that people don't want people to vote?

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