Denied Voters Less Likely to Vote Again

Texas Sign

​​​​I did want to share the story of a woman named Tasia Watkins, she's a black mother of two from Irving, Texas, in the Dallas area. And she worked very hard to move herself to a new neighborhood with better schools, she dutifully went online to try to update her driver's license and register herself to vote. When she showed up at the polls in 2014 to try to cast her first-ever vote in a midterm election, she wasn't able to cast a ballot that counts. And this happened in front of her daughters, and she honestly cannot talk about it without tearing up. So again, that is what this sort of discrimination looks like on the ground, and as some of the other panelists mentioned, when that sort of thing happens to a person, they are much less likely to go and try to vote again.

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