"Accomplishment For Change"

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I've been involved with the Native Vote project through NCAI for years now in California and I've seen how important it is for our Indigenous people to have their inherent right to vote and voice their choice/opinion. My Tribe, the Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians is very rural. We are located in the mountain ranges of the Santa Rosa Mountain (the mountains above Palm Springs/Palm Desert) in Riverside County, California. Being so rural and my people having to travel so far down the mountain to Vote was a hardship. Myself as a Tribal Council Member and the Tribal Librarian seen this hardship and decided to do something about it. I contacted my local Registrar of Voters in my county and began speaking with and collaborating with the County Officials there to see if it was possible to have my Reservation sponsor a Polling Site for the Reservation and surrounding Community. After talks and conference calls with officials, it was DONE! We had the Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians set as a registered polling site!

I'd say this was an "Accomplishment for Change"!

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