Absentee voting

Stickers that say I Voted

When I first moved to the UK voting back in Indiana was as simple as sending in an absentee voting ballot. Then our state began passing voter ID laws with a lot of provisions added on for absentee voters. Suddenly, for me to vote, I had to be able to be back in my home state for what would more or less add up to 6 months out of the year. Which would end up nullifying our work visa in the UK. It was meant to hurt college students, if they weren’t back in their home towns they couldn’t vote. But my husband and I were also a casualty of the laws passed. And a lot of others I know that have moved over seas for work. If we aren’t back in the states for anywhere close to 60 days to sometimes upwards of 6 months, long enough to be considered a resident of the state, then we can’t vote. I haven’t been able to vote since 2015 (when the laws began to pass and suddenly my passport wasn’t enough).

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